Layout Lighting

31 Jul 2007 - Following an extended break from the Noquay model railway project due to work commitments I finally found the time to return to some modeling. To enable work to continue on the layout, and especially to help with the application of detail, colour and the possible future exhibition of this layout, a lighting valance was required.
This was designed to fit on the top of the side scenic boards and was built from 3mm MDF and strip wood battens. The lights used were three 50W 240V halogen spot down lighters which were inset into a 48" x 4" x 12mm plywood base. These lights were wired together and to an on/off switch placed at the back, left-hand end and thence to a 3A fused plug on the main distribution extension. The front face board (48" x 12") was slanted away from the viewing side of the layout and fixed to the sides of the valance. Two spacers were also attached to the light board and the front face board. A slotted arrangement was used to secure the position of the valance onto the layout side scenic boards so that the valance could be easily set in place and removed for transportation and storage.
The following sequence of photograph shows the valance from the front, side, and back prior to tidying up.

lighting valance front view

lighting valance side view

lighting valance back view

The following photograph shows the switch and sprung fittings for the down lighters.

lighting valance back detail view

The following photograph shows the valance in place and illuminated over the Noquay layout.

lighting valance back view